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Simply order your GoMo SIM card right here. We’ll send it to you in the post, pop it in your phone and you’re good to go.

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Most popular questions

I signed up to GoMo before the 15th of January, will I still get €9.99 A Month Mobile For Life?2020-04-22T10:00:47+00:00

Of course! As promised, if you are already a GoMo customer you’ll continue to enjoy €9.99 a month SIM Only deal for life. That’s all your calls, texts and data for €9.99 a month for life!

I’ve ordered my SIM – what happens now?2020-01-14T22:15:29+00:00

After ordering your SIM you should receive:

  1. Order Confirmation SMS
  2. Order Confirmation email
  3. Email to register for your MyGoMo account. If you don’t receive these immediately don’t worry! Due to the phenomenal demand for GoMo, emails and text notifications may take up to 24 hours to reach you. If you haven’t received these notifications after 24 hours, please contact us here
  4. When your GoMo SIM Card is on the way you will get a tracking number from An Post, so you can track the delivery of your GoMo SIM.
  5. All GoMo SIMs come with a new number as standard, but don’t worry, you can keep your number. Simply login to your MyGoMo account, go to Account Details > Move my Number > follow the instructions & we’ll take care of the rest!
How do I move my number?2019-12-23T15:50:53+00:00

All our SIMs come with a temporary 085 number. You can choose to use that number or move your number to your new GoMo SIM!

Simply select ‘Keep My Number’ as you are going through our eShop.

Enter the number you want to keep and click ‘Get Verification Code’. You will receive an SMS with a code which you can enter into the verification code box.

Enter the date and time you’d like your number to move – this date must be 3 days in the future if you schedule this move when ordering your SIM.
Enter your account type and account number from your current provider. Your account number is available on your bill from your current provider.

Your number will start to move on at the time / date you select and will take up to 24 hours to complete.

If you didn’t select to move your number when you ordered, don’t worry, you can do it as soon as you receive your new GoMo SIM. Just login to your MyGoMo account, go to Account Details > Move My Number > follow the instructions & we’ll take care of the rest!

You can check your move Status in MyGoMo – if your port is showing ‘In Progress’ for more than 24 hours, get in touch with us via webchat.

Ideally wait until you lose service with current provider before using your GoMo SIM.

Read our guide on how to move your number to GoMo

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