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Simply order your GoMo SIM card here. We’ll send it to you by courier, pop it in your phone and you’re good to GoMo! Enjoy unlimited 5G speeds across Ireland as well as 99% 4G population coverage.

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Switcher.ie Awards for Mobile Network of the Year 2024
and Best Mobile Network for Data 2024
Bonkers.ie Best SIM-Only Deal 2024
CXi Best Brand in Communications sector 2023
CXi Best Brand for Value 2023

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What’s included in my roaming allowance?2022-09-29T09:35:16+00:00

The availability and quality of services when roaming may vary relative to that which you enjoy as a GoMo customer in Ireland due to regional differences including but not limited to the extent of network infrastructure, the landscape (e.g. due to tunnels, dips, cuttings, mountains and wooded areas and the density, height and fabric of buildings) and differences in the availability of the various network technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).

Voice calls may not connect or may take longer to connect and SMS may take longer or may not be delivered where service is limited.

Data service may be subject to greater latency, lower speeds or more limited availability.  This can result in internet access slowing down, web pages failing to load or problems with voice services carried over the internet (VoIP).  Certain applications such as video or audio applications may suffer from momentary interruptions and it may take more time to complete a task that involves downloading or uploading data, a file, audio or video from or to the internet.

Specific number ranges may be subject to charges that are higher than those which apply to calls and SMS to standard fixed and mobile numbers (e.g. premium numbers and non-standard number ranges that might be free or involve lower costs to customers of the foreign network but are not free when roaming).

If you consider the quality of service falls short of the quality of service commitments in GoMo’s terms and conditions and wish to complain, our Code of Practice and complaint handling procedures can be accessed here.

I’ve ordered my SIM – what happens now?2021-03-19T07:26:09+00:00

After ordering your SIM you should receive:

  1. Order Confirmation SMS
  2. Order Confirmation email
  3. Email to register for your MyGoMo account. If you haven’t received these notifications after 24 hours, please contact us here
  4. When your GoMo SIM Card is on the way you will get a tracking number from An Post, so you can track the delivery of your GoMo SIM via the An Post website.
  5. All GoMo SIMs come with a new number as standard, but don’t worry, you can keep your number. Simply login to your MyGoMo account, go to Account Details > Move my Number > follow the instructions & we’ll take care of the rest!
Looking for help? Our webchat team are here to help you out2021-02-15T11:11:06+00:00

You can get in touch with us via webchat here our chat will pop up when an agent available. If you’re a GoMo customer head over to MyGoMo for webchat. We’re available 9am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday.

How to view my contract summary2021-02-15T12:13:06+00:00

Click here to view your contract summary

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