Accessibility Statement

Access to telecommunications services has the potential to greatly enhance quality of life, for customers regardless of age and abilities. All members of society can enjoy the benefits of modern telecommunications in Ireland.
In this section we provide details of the services and devices that are designed to assist in ensuring accessibility including vision, hearing, mobility or dexterity requirements. We also provide links to other relevant sections of our website, containing further detail on our services, associated pricing and terms and conditions. Should you need further information that is not available on our website or further assistance we also set out the various means by which you can contact us.

Website Accessibility

We are also working to continuously enhance the level of compliance of our website with the standards set under the Web Accessibility Initiative, as developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which aim to facilitate web access.

This statement is subject to review annually and will be amended as required following each review.  It was last updated in May 2018.

Useful Phone Services

Irish Text Relay Service (ITRS)

The ITRS is an enhanced text relay service that enables the translation of text into voice and voice into text to facilitate a person that is deaf or hard of hearing in making and receiving calls.  These calls are relayed through an ITRS agent who performs the translation.  The service is accessible from mobile phones, tablets and PCs, enabling conversations through text.  The ITRS app is available for Android and IOS devices. You can use the ITRS service on a PC or laptop through a link on the ITRS web site. The original text relay service continues to be supported through dedicated Minicom devices without the need to make any changes.
For more information on ITRS, how to get it and how to use it, click on the following link:

112 Emergency SMS Service

The 112 SMS service allows a person that is deaf or hard of hearing to send an SMS text message to the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS) which will be relayed to An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance service, the Fire service, or the Irish Coastguard.

You must register for the service and you can find out how it works on

Vision Supports on Handsets

  • Variable font size and screen backlighting
  • Speech based commands allowing hands free dialling and control of key phone features
  • Caller announcement, so you know who’s calling without having to look at the screen
  • Text to speech software can be installed on some phones so you can listen to text you have trouble reading

Hearing Supports on Handsets

  • Visual alerts and vibrate options to alert users to incoming calls and messages
  • Volume control both on the handset and remotely using connected devices
  • Wired and wireless in-ear headset
  • To support text communications, predictive text and various input methods including QWERTY keyboards
  • Inductive neck loops, to allow wireless hearing aid connectivity

Dexterity and Mobility Supports

  • Large buttons to aid accuracy in entering numbers and text
  • Speech based commands allowing hands free dialling and control of key phone features
  • Predictive text with swipe entry mode to simplify text entry
  • Wireless headset connectivity and loudspeaker functions allowing use of the phone without having to hold it

Mobile Phones to Match your Requirements – Accessibility Apps

Accessibility Apps are available to assist users finding the most useful mobile phone and tablet to match your requirements. The Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) website provides a central source of information on mobile phones and apps, setting out the features that are available on a wide selection of devices and apps.  This provides a useful guide in selecting the phone that best suits your needs.

For guidance on Phones & Tablets go to
Find guidance on Mobile Apps go to
For information on our mobile plans click here.

Bills and other information

On-line – view your bill online, this facility enables you to enlarge any page of your bill for ease of reading.  You can pay your bill on line at  To register, you must have an email address.  Once you have registered with us you can view, analyse and pay your bill online by Debit or Credit Card
Bills in Braille – GoMo provides a service for customers who wish to receive their bills in Braille – Contact an agent through our webform  to request this.  In addition, bill payment can be taken over the phone by Debit or Credit Card.

Customer Support

GoMo provides support to customers online at Contact Us
You can avail of the following services via MyGoMo

  • View your current bill
  • Pay us by Debit / Credit Card
  • Order a product or service
  • See your order
  • Manage your contact  preferences while you are a customer and when you are not

Customer Complaints Handling Procedure

GoMo operates a Code of Practice that is designed to foster open and fair dealings with respect to the handling of complaints.  The Code outlines the standards that apply to the handling of complaints by GoMo.  For more information click here.

Registering your requirements – Choosing the Pricing, Communications Medium and Billing Medium that Best Suits You

You can get full details of the plans on offer on When you apply for service with GoMo, you can manage your billing and how GoMo may contact you in respect of our latest offers, which includes no contact or contact via one or more of phone calls, SMS, email and by post.  You can manage these preferences in your MyGoMo account

Terms and Conditions

To view general terms and conditions and related terms and conditions to your services click on the following link

Learn More about Your Data

We want to give our customers the best possible experience. To do so, we need to collect personal data from you for certain processes such as providing a service and when you enquire about our services. Find out more

GoMo Subject Rights Request Form

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